4 Things Every Woman Wants to Hear in a Relationship

4 Things Every Woman Wants to Hear in a Relationship

There is nothing as precious as relationships, but when you ignore them, they fizzle out like a drop of dew on the sand. As much as people speak for men, there are always the women who are largely taken as ambivalent and are misunderstood. Truth be told, a woman doesn’t want all that mushy, lovey-dovey stuff as those deep-seated notions take you to. In a relationship, a woman craves for unwavering support when life hits a rough patch; sweet-nothings whenever time allows; good night kisses and morning cuddles; stolen gazes at her in a gathering of hundred; and pretty much everything that makes her feel wanted and respected in a relationship. Yes, these are the little gestures that really matter, and leaves an unforgettable impression on her.

We’ve come up with 4 things every woman wants to hear in a relationship, so that you can solve the mystery that she is, and build a healthier relationship. We wouldn’t brand this post as a ‘guide to know your woman’ or a ‘rulebook to deal with your girl’, but we’ve definitely given useful insights in the post ahead, so that you can know her better to love her the best.

Let’s dive in straight!

‘I Belong To You’

Wow, the very mention of it will make her heart flutter, we wager. A woman always seeks a sense of belongingness and takes immense pride in it. She feels confident if you’re capable of seeing how right as a partner she is, and how closely connected you feel with her, be it physically, emotionally or mentally.

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‘You Aren’t Fat. You Have Squishy Cheeks To Die For.’

Tell your woman how beautiful she is even when dressed in a baggy shirt and guzzling up a chocolate shake while throwing up no care in the air about her fat pockets. Tell her that her little quirks and idiosyncrasies are just as amazing as her, and you don’t get tired listening to her tantrums over little things, and seeing her act as a cranky baby. Accept her flaws and love her anyway. That’s what unconditional love truly means.

‘You Bring Positivity In My Life’

A woman feels a sense of achievement when she adds value to your life and encourages you to be your best version. If you feel an aura of optimism when she’s around, mention it to her and appreciate her for bringing such optimism to your life. Trust us, this would be far impactful than those 3 magical words.

‘Thank You For The Care You Show’

This will immediately brighten her day and put a lovely smile on her face. A woman can move from pillar to post just to ensure that you’re doing well, and that being so, it doesn’t take much from you if you appreciate her for the efforts she chips in, and takes care of the tiniest of things, which belong to you. Expressing gratitude can do wonders. Try it, and see the change.

That’s all, folks! Tell us what do you feel about this post in the comments section below. Any important suggestion wouldn’t be missed for sure.

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