About Us

Sex feels trance-like, one heck of a euphoria. And, the curiosity around it is ever-consistent, always lingering in some chamber of our brains. People love knowing it better, or rather we must say, knowing how to do it better and try different things to never let the thrill go away.

After all, who wants a vanilla sex?

What Myedpleasure Does?

Sex isn’t about wandering in the dark and reach the spot, excuse the pun. It’s about being absolutely sure about how to go about it and acing the art. And, we, at myedpleasure, help you do just about that.

Let’s get to the drill straight. We love talking about sex and all the groove around. Because, it’s what holding the world together, literally.

What Is Our Aim?

Our aim is simple – helping you do sex better, for you and your partner, and get the maximum feels out of it. We’re trying to make sex a comforting talk and engage you all. We pursue the most exciting and fun stories of, and around sex, intimacy, and dating. Be it tips, dos & don’ts or myths, we cover everything and bring you the jazz that’s spontaneously exciting.

We Also Help You Choose Right Sex Stuff You Need..

We’re constantly churning out reviews, listicles and round-up posts to provide you a clear, impartial account of a product. And, help you decide if it’s worth your dime. You’ll find pieces like ‘Best Extra Lubricated Condoms’, ‘Best Sex Pills For Men’ and many more, pointing out the best-rated products that provide value for your money. We’ve no industry favorites to give unfair preferential treatment, so stay assured that you’re reading the most reliable, unbiased, and info-rich reviews on our site.

If you’re here at myedpleasure, this is going to be one phenomenal stay, we bet.