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7 Naughty Things To Try Out With Your Partner On A Holiday

Life can be a grind and there are no two ways about it. There are days when you tend to be as exciting as – excuse the pun – watching paint dry. Out of all the things that monotony screws up, sex is the saddest one. After all, we humans, after food, live for sex. Read More

Does Your Guy Like You or Are You Played With? 10 Signs That Tell

We are a generation defined by convenience. We like everything coming easy – easy jobs, easy money, and easy love. As much as we like the idea of love, we tend to forget that Love is precious, and a wealth everyone rightfully deserves. We continue to pawn in the maze of Tinder swipes, hook-up trends, Read More

4 Things Every Woman Wants to Hear in a Relationship

There is nothing as precious as relationships, but when you ignore them, they fizzle out like a drop of dew on the sand. As much as people speak for men, there are always the women who are largely taken as ambivalent and are misunderstood. Truth be told, a woman doesn’t want all that mushy, lovey-dovey Read More