7 Most Outrageous Sex Stories in 2017 That Made Us Go WTF

7 Most Outrageous Sex Stories in 2017 That Made Us Go WTF

Disclaimer: The content below will blow your mind. Get ready to pick your jaw off the floor.

2017, you’ve been – dare we say – a real bitch to a few. Some naked apes (pun intended) tried pulling sex stunts to break the boredom, but least they knew that their spontaneity would land them in an embarrassing fix.

Sex, in itself, is a celebration, and what anyone would expect is some fireworks between the sheets. One expects unbridled fun and pleasure reaching the galaxies, right? But, a few folks weren’t in mood for things going the ‘usual’ way, and unfortunately, became the butt of tens of jokes. Below, we’ve rounded up 7 outrageous sex stories, which left us at a loss of words. Keep reading!

  • This Politician Turned Brutally Honest; Dropped Curtains Off His Sex Life During a Campaign.

Democrat Noah Dyer of Arizona did something rebelliously unconventional and created quite a bustle for herself. On her campaign website, she gave all the details about her casual hook-ups, open relationships, orgy experiences, and love affairs, and redefined what audacity can really mean. She didn’t spill any beans (as it was done willingly) and mince her words while putting as controversial as her sex life out for public consumption, which is as exceptional as freaky to us.

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  • This Couple Climaxed In The Car, Giving Zero Fucks To The Police Officer Who Tried to Stop Them.

This is absolutely bizarre. A 911 call to the La Crosse County informed about a ‘dancing’ car and prompted police to vroom to the spot. Guess what, a couple was found making wild sex inside and constantly moaning out of the pleasure. But the funniest part is how they didn’t care a damn about the police officer, who was trying all what he can to stop this obscenity, and continued to climax. We’re already breaking into peals of laughter. Are you?

  • Sex With a Coconut. Wait. What?

We can only imagine how sexually-deprived this man could be. Poor chap!

  • Can Orgasm Turn You Blind? No? Then Perhaps This Guy Had a Bad Day

Orgasms for developing adults are as normal as sweat and blood. But, a guy lost his vision for an eye when he peaked on fantasies. Well, the reason is not actually his orgasm, but a tiny hemorrhage, which was triggered when he held his breath and strained his ab muscles. His veins ruptured, which caused him quite a big loss.

  • This Couple Planned to Had Sex for 30-days Straight. #Lol

A couple took to Reddit to share that they’ve decided to have sex for consecutive 30 days while the caveats being mensuration, holidays and business trips for each of the partner. The kinky challenge, as they said, would begin with sex before bed, and the levels may escalate to different and difficult goals, like having 5 orgasms in a day. While they enjoyed a lot of fun shenanigans, we believe, we’re having the last laugh here.

  • Sex Toy Stucking in the Rectum? Ouch!

The only question we’ve right now is: how deep was she asking for? All was fun going-on for a woman when she’s trying to get a butt plug inside for sexual stimulation. However, in the rush of passion, he took the sex toy a lot in and got it stuck inside her rectum, blocking the passage. All we can say is ouch!

  • This Man Posted a Requirement for a Woman For Eclipse Sex Ritual. And, We’re Wondering, Why Are We Put on Earth to Write This?

The maximum we do while an eclipse is to put on a glass and see the giant balls in the space dwarfing one another. However, a man from California, thinking Craigslist an easy sex bargain, posted a requirement for a woman, with whom he can make sex during the eclipse, get her pregnant, and be a father. Weirder are the requirements, which said that his penis will be pointed towards the sun while the session. We don’t know if he got any partners, but with this case, sanity has left us.

We’re sure, you’ve gone through a lot of expressions – from hahas, ahas to eeewwwss – while reading this piece. For more such stories, keep coming back to this space and never get bored. Write down to us in the comments section below if you’ve something to say.

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