7 Sexy & Naughty Date Night Ideas

7 Sexy & Naughty Date Night Ideas

You are never too old for dates and especially when it comes to something saucy & sexy date nights! Indulging in some naughty times with a twist of good ol’ date ideas is unfailingly, one of the most brilliant ideas you can use to keep that spark alive. Be it kids, work or kiddy work, you always have the time to bring yourself up to your partner and sneak a kiss or two that makes your day. So why not experiment a bit and bring in that electricity that can melt any apprehensions? Set aside some time for your better half and read on to find how you can bring in that ‘oomph’ factor and win those brownie points at your next date night!

Go for that Loooong Drive

Young couple driving convertible at sunset

We have seen in movies when the ‘gents’ and ladies’ would go on long drives, it would be an infusion of romance and sweet innocent love. However, we can give it sassy twist by incorporating the long dark lanes, champagne and slow sensuous music that can fire up that environment. A perfect place to snuggle and get a little cheeky, make your car your personal pleasure haven.

A Dinner Date at Home

Who says staying home is boring? If you are with the special one, then you might as well appreciate the fact that you are in your own kingdom, playing your own rules. If you know what we mean. *wink wink*. Being together at home opens you to the opportunities of engaging with each other through some of the simplest of chores like cooking up the perfect meal, followed by an even more delectable dessert. So if you are getting the chance to stay at home, get creative and make the most of it!

Do the Tango

Dance classes are in vogue for firing up that passion and burn those calories. You need not sign up for the monthly classes but what you can do is dress up in all your finery and shake those hips along with your partner. Dance like tango, salsa will not only increase physical intimacy but will ignite a new found emotional phenomena that you can experience nowhere else. Plus dancing is always fun! Even with two left feet! So go ahead and sign up for those classes. You know you need em!

A Couple’s Spa

We are sensing a lot of role play here. You know what is more relaxing that spa? A spa with your special person. While you indulge in the relaxing aura of the spa, you get to get fresh and very naked with them, opening a gigantic leeway for things to go several notches above. A fine chance to get frisky with your man or woman will be a golden opportunity to miss. Book a couple’s spa and take up the baton to do the honour yourselves. Trust us, this will be the hottest date you will experience.

Beach Side Date

If you are near a beach, we suggest that you move your butt, pitch a tent and sit by the shore to experience the marvel of nature that can be a combined with the marvel of the passionate night, making it an explosive experience of pleasure, love and might we say, some really tough love on the side. With no one to hear you (if that’s what you want) beach side date cum sex night is one of the best options out there are we are totally digging it!

A Personal Screening

Might be a bit on the expensive side but if you do have the moolah, invest a bit of it in a personal screening event. With just you and your partner, allow yourself the luxury to get a lil sneaky during the primetime and get some action while you watch some action. Some might regard it a bit cheesy but who says love and lust are not cheesy? If you think movie date is cliché, we suggest you to get a little frisky during regular shows. The, innocent cuddles or sneakiness & pure exhilaration of getting caught cannot be compared and will always leave you wanting more.

Role Play at the Bar

Drinks, a stranger and good music. This unbeatable combination has been thriving for generations in setting up the ambience for something romantic and sensual. However, now you don’t have to step into the danger of approaching a danger (although we won’t deny the fun in that) but what you can do is invest in a bit of role play. Make your partner that sexy brooding stranger while you are twirling the wine glass in your hand. Corny as it might be, it is a proven method for some of the best date nights ever where couples have experienced intense transformations and able to explore a side of them that they never knew. Up for an adventure? Go to the bar!

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